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Hey people !

i'm new here and want to say hello.

i'm from the Netherlands.

I love gaming on my PC and Xbox one.

My English is not amazing so i try my best

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Welcome Justdutch
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Welcome to TheTechGame JustDutch.

Check out the Shoutbox if you wanna make some friends, possibly get a gift of gold or get a visit by the RepFairy.
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Welcome to the community, man. Hope to see you stay active on forums.
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Welcome to TheTechGame, hopefully you have read all of the rules and plan to stay active.

If you have any questions don't be afraid to PM me.

See you around the forums.

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Welcome to this site stay active read the rules an stop by the SB
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Welcome to TTG man glad to have you here!
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Welcome JustDutch, hope you enjoy your stay here.
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Welcome JustDutch, hope you enjoy your stay here.
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Welcome to the site!
See you around the forums.
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