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Hello people!

this is my first post lol.

i have a question, yesterday i saw in my netflix history a android user on my account.

Me and my GF are the only one on that account and we use IOS.

I tried to sign out on all devices and change my password but the next day the android user is still logged on.

Somebody know what to do?

PS: I'm from the Netherlands so my English is not amazing haha.
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Hi "JustDutch" if you are not wanting him to be continued on your Netflix try contacting Netflix, i had this issue years ago. They locked the account for me then asked me for the details to get back into the account.

Not sure but i think this is the contact number for Netlifx (Netherlands) +14085403700
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If you've tried to sign out of all devices multiple times and it still shows the android user, you may need to contact Netflix directly and ask them to remove the device themselves.
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Thank you for the advice !
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What device are you using to view the Netflix account and see where your account is logged in
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