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This has been an on going disagreement about which is better, then the PC plebs would start joining in going PCMR and such so i wanted to know,

What console do you think is "truly" better. Xbox or PlayStation?

Me personally i prefer Xbox and always will do, started playing it from the Original Xbox in around 2004-5. Then went on to get the 360, and so on until the Xbox One. All my friends has had them and i just prefer how simple and clean it is.

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Apart from PC I prefer the Xbox and thats what ive always played console wise.
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I'd prefer the Xbox over the PlayStation only because it is what I have grown up always playing. They both have their advantages and disadvantages.
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Well i started out on the PS1 and then went on to the PS2 but i later switched to the Xbox Original and have been with them ever since i've also have a PS3 & PS4 but personally i still prefer Xbox and its what i play the most tbh.
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Xbox over playstation, alone in the controller feel imo.
Easier to hold imo even if its bulker. The performance seems better on xbox sode but once again thats my own opinion.
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Xbox forever

Now only if there was a way to use a PS4 controller on an Xbox One
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Xbox will always be my favorite, but I play both of them.
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Nintendo switch gang
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Ive always been an Xbox gamer personally ever since i got my first original xbox console so i would have to say Xbox for sure
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