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Do you look at the keyboard while you type or look at the screen while you type

I know if you type super lots like myself for example, your brain eventually maps a keyboard in your brain so you naturally know what keys to hit while looking at the screen but some folk are just more comfortable looking at the keyboard

So which do you do?

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Yeah i can basically type without looking since i am actually doing it right now, i just have to look at the keyboard before i start typing to see that i started on the right key/letter.
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Over the years of consistently using a laptop/desktop, I've gotten used to typing very quickly without looking down at all.
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i use text to bleach
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I usually look at the wall when typing.
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Seam wrotei use text to bleach

same, it's op
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I eat a sandwich and one finger tap.
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I do both but mostly just look at the screen.
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I look at my keyboard

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I had to take type writing classes in high school so I've really got good at typing

Ps-- I can look at the screen while still typing
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