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My first ever console was Nintendo 64 and the game was Mario Karts

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Xbox (10-06-2017)
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mine was ps2
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The PS2
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Playstation 1.
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PS1! used to play Hercules, GTA, Spyro & Crash
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GTA was a big game i use to play as well as Star Wars.
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Mine was the PS1
Abes Odysee was the first game

Still a hardcore fan to this day, it was released in my birth year too!
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The first console I ever played was PlayStation 1, I think the game was Crash Bandicoot.
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To this day I still own the Nintendo 64 , the first one I ever had.
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PS1 and Crash Badicoot / Spyro

Those were the days of gaming i wanna go back to tbh lmao
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