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I'm not one to post anything like this ever anywhere because I hate it when it looks like people are attention seeking, but I figured as I don't know anyone on here in real life this is probably the safest way to get some help.

I just want to start by saying I'm serious and will take every bit of advice any of you give me.

I'm 19 and I've never had any issues with anything really in life I've had/lost friends girlfriends family members and fortunately I've never really wanted for things such as toys as a child or clothes like some unfortunate people do because as a kid my mom and dad had no issue getting me the new call of duty or fifa just like alot of others on this site, but for some reason I really suffer over my anxiety alot, I dropped out of college because of It, I lost so much motivation to go and really do anything and wasted an opportunity to play football/Soccer in America and get paid. I told my mom and dad about it and we obviously spoke about things and semi patched things up. But for the past 5/6 months it's really weighing me down I've found a new job (Installing gas) which is a very decent paying job for someone who has only just gone 19 so I know I'm in a very fortunate position but I'm literally struggling so badly to do anything anymore, it's honestly breaking me. I've been looking around to see what could be causing it but it's all the same ballshit, I over think things regularly, I'm worried to do anything and I'm feeling so so low about myself. It's honestly becoming too much, I'd love to get help but I'm so embarrassed. None of my friends or anyone I know could be able to tell because I try my hardest to keep it to myself, I've been looking around for my password to get on this for the last 15 mins because I haven't logged into it for about 7 months but it's the only way I feel comfortable explaining this issue.

I'm honestly not one of those annoying dicks that post constant depressing shit over all social media that's something I can't stand and despise, I'm just a genuine person asking for genuine help. Thank you.

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I've had some friends who have dealt with anxiety and some that still do. You shouldn't be embarrassed to seek help for it. If I were you, I would consult a doctor and he/she can prescribe you medicines that can help with your anxiety. Now, it won't take it away like you probably would hope for, but it's the best solution to someone that is in the situation that you are. Talking with someone can help you tremendously. There are also other ways that you can cope with anxiety including: exercise daily, listen to music, get enough sleep, and maintain a positive attitude. No one's perfect so don't try to be. Be proud of however close you get. Hopefully I helped you at least some!
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I'd find something small that you can be responsible about and conquer. It should be something that you're having trouble currently doing, but could be accomplished within a week. Put all of your energy and motivation and thought into completing that simple task. So, for instance, lets say you haven't cleaned your room since you've been feeling so down and unmotivated. Plan for yourself an hour tomorrow, or later tonight, and then spend that hour cleaning. Once it is done, it will be a small boost to your morale. Keep doing small things, and boosting your esteem and positivity and show yourself you can in fact accomplish things, and then eventually take on larger things. It's a great way to handle anxiety, and I use it all the time on school assignments and with real life issues as well. If I have five essays, two exams, fifty hw problems, and seventy pages to read in two weeks, it can get very overwhelming and I get anxious about finishing it all. But I start very very small. The first day, I might just literally look at all of the assignments, and figure out everything that is expected of me so that I know what's coming. Then I slowly but surely build my way up, and am able to keep myself calm the whole time by setting and completing individual tasks within the ultimate goal of finishing all of the work/studying. This methodology works great to keep me calm and focused, and I really think it could help you especially if you're overthinking things and are having trouble getting things done. Good luck, I wish you the best
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After submitting a whole essay on this topic without being finished, I would just like to state this out, I have the condition called Pectus Excavatum, this causes me to have a concaved chest and to develop headaches most every day which causes my anxiety with my heavy heat beat and high breathing, all I can say is after having anxiety for a large portion of my life, not all solutions will work for you, perhaps say, you see a docter and get medicine for anxiety, this could or could not work for you, it just depends on your body in the end.
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The best thing to do is seek medical advice. I'm not sure where you're from or how your health system works, but I'll try to give you some info on how it works here in Scotland. You can speak to a GP who will help you with medication, finding what is right for you. If you don't want to take meds, or want help as well as meds then your GP should be able to refer you to someone who can help more, a counsellor/therapist or something. Since this is all free, you can expect to be waiting a while. An appointment with a GP could take weeks, then another couple of weeks before you get a response from counsellor/therapist. After that, you'll need to wait a couple of weeks, maybe even months before you get your first appointment with them. If you have money, you can get help much more quickly of course.

I've had 2 rounds of counselling, the first was absolutely useless. The 2nd was with a new person, and while it hasn't really helped calm my anxiety, she has helped me with a lot of personal stuff I needed help with. I was also told that even though I wanted to avoid meds, I should see my GP and find something that works for me(which is kinda what I thought the outcome would be).

I also want to say don't put yourself down or think that your anxiety is less important because you're not broke. It's just not true. Your anxiety is as important as anyone else's.

If you're just looking for advice, there's the usual bullshit that you probably already know;
Exercise regularly, eat healthy, sleep a sufficient amount, and keep busy.

Something that can definitely help, practice breathing exercises. When you start to feel anxious, focus on breathing to keep your heart rate under control.
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Just do things you enjoy it helps me with dark times

Things that I enjoy and makes me happy


Jus do things that make you happy
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Doing things that you personally love could also cause anxiety, depending on what you get, for me I get heavy breathing and fast heart beats, would not work for me
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yoga and meditation are quite efficient to deal with anxiety
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Try semen retention it has significantly helped my social anxiety in 14 days. My anxiety was 75% gone.
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