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So i finally reached 1K Spam comments!
Respect to the spammers. Keep on spamming

now you can all spam below

The Following 7 Users Say Thank You to Decy For This Useful Post:

Adamu (10-08-2017), Earn (10-05-2017), Daniel (10-04-2017), Xbox (10-04-2017), Mikey (10-04-2017), szn (10-03-2017), RepBandit (10-03-2017)
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grats on the 1k useless post badge dude.
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Congratulations on your new badge
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Congratulations on 1,000 news comments buddy.
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congratulations on your new milestone
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Congrats man
A badge i can not seem to obtain.
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Congrats, I once got a badge similar in Roblox, 8 years ago.
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Congrats on the badge
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Omg I should've kept track of mine, I just accept them all so people can see who spams on other people's videos. Shits disrespectful lmao
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Congrats on the badge. I'm surprised I don't have this badge yet but should have it sometime soon!
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