BattlefieldDoes anyone still play BF4?Posted:

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just got battlefield 4 again and I've been playing it a bit, does anyone else have it and want to play? still the best BF yet in my opinion.
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what platform ?
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LS7 wrotewhat platform ?

Xbox one
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I haven't played in a very long time, but I know the community is still very active in it. Shouldn't be hard to find a lobby of conquest. I would look in battlefield clubs, or the "looking for gamers" club for a squad. But I think once a month they have like a 4$ sale on it, so mad people probably buy it then lol
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I use to but I like playing BF1 one a lot more.
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Add me on xbox one DreadWingKing
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Add me "Pyroclastic"

I try to play every once in a while but can never find a server.
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old post, but i play it with mods on 360 lol
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