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Shooting In Las Vegas: 1 suspect down

At least two people have been killed and 24 others wounded in a mass shooting at a Las Vegas concert.

A gunman opened fire at an open-air country music festival at the Mandalay Bay Hotel on the city's strip.

Hundreds of people fled the scene and the sound of what appeared to be prolonged automatic gunfire could be heard on videos posted on social media.

Police said a suspect had been shot dead. There are reports of at least one other incident on the Las Vegas strip.

Parts of the area were shut down as armed police arrived at the scene.

Amateur video shows people running away from Vegas hotel
Image caption Amateur video shows people running away from Vegas hotel
The shooting took place at around 22:30 (05:30 GMT). Witnesses reported that hundreds of shots were fired.

Some flights have been diverted from Las Vegas McCarran airport while the incident continues. Link:

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This was incredibly sad, the videos are hard to watch. So many innocent lives lost.
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Cant go anywhere anymore because of these sick ****
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20 dead now over 100 injured.
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A gunman, named as 64-year-old Stephen Paddock, was the shooter. Now shot and killed.

Search continues for the suspected assailant or person accompanying the shooter.

Horrible scenes coming from there.

Best wished to all those involved today, so far this looks like another Domestic Terrorism Incident.

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Jesus, what is the world coming to.

Prayers go out to the families affected by this!
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This is awful. What has the world come to, there has been so many shootings.

Best wishes go out to everyone who was affected!
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Arkani wroteThis is awful. What has the world come to, there has been so many shootings.

Best wishes go out to everyone who was affected!

accidentally down voted you, guess you can't undo that?

Death toll is up to 50 with over 200 injured. The biggest mass shooting ever in the US i believe. Terrible.
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Truly sicking, these devastating terroist attack are happening far to often.
Also remove the chicks picture they've contacted her and don't believe her tone connected to the shooting.
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Woke up to BS. I swear America is like a reality show. I feel so bad man.
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