GeneralWhy is the off topic forum so dead late in the morning ?Posted:

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Well it's currently 1:40 AM here where I live in USA
And it's always like there's nobody when I am ,

Is it like that for some of you ?
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It was also 1:40 in the morning for me the time you posted this.
I feel like the off-topic forum is one of the more active forums. I always look for the News everyday though.
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because peoples tryna sleep bruh
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Skates wrotebecause peoples tryna sleep bruh

Right but they holler "sleep is for the weak"
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Obviously its gonna be the same for us lol
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It's 11:12 at night in CA right now, normally it gets slow / dead because people are trying to rest for work, school, etc.
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Not everyone is able to stay up late at night. It's Sunday night and people have work and school in the morning.
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At the time you posted this topic it would have been 6:50 am for me
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Forums have been quite dead for a while now, most likely cause of School and College and even Work.

When around the time for Halloween it should kick up a bit.
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It's a Monday morning most people got stuff to do in the morning now that school has started back up
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