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  • Gold Gifter
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Forest was the dopest!
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  • Christmas!
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Going to go with Famous.
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  • Ninja
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Sa....... Oh wait nm
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  • Christmas!
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One of my good friends on the site we talk alot and like alot of the same stuff just a dope guy tbh.
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I haven't really ever talked to any of them soo idk really
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  • Winter 2018
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If we're talking about my favourite moderator ever, it would be Saki.

If we're talking about at this moment in time, probably Luke or Ethan.
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  • Christmas!
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Favorite Admin - Elijah

Favorite Mod - Chris/Nodus

But really most of them are really chill to talk to especially in the sb.

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Sean for letting me waste money on his site and also adding me as a friend on TTG.
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  • WIP 5.1
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Chubz Sad to say he is no longer with us. RIP.
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