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Hello. Yesterday I dyed my hair purple and I didn't like it. I used the colourless product today thinking it would remove the dye and my hair would return to its natural colour (brown) instead it went blonde/ginger. I'm just wondering if it will return to its natural colour if so how long would it take..

Probably stupid posting this on here but maybe somebody has more knowledge than I do.

Thanks anyway.

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Maybe go to a salon and see what they could do? I wouldn't continue trying different products that could mess your hair up.

Or just purchase some brown hair dye and go back to brown.
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I dyed my hair brown but there is a tinge of ginger still in certain light. And eventually the hair dye is going to fade and I'll be left with the bleached hair again, I just want my natural colour back. Does anybody think growing it out will work or shall I just shave my head as a last resort
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Just wash it lots the more you wash it the more the color will come out it will probably take a week or 2 of washing it daily
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It could take a few weeks unless you get it re dyed
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if you shower and wash your hair everyday it should start to take the dye out, if you want it to return to its natural color i say try a hair salon see if they can/know a way to remove the dye without damaging your hair/head
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Maybe get it re dyed? Only thing I can think of?
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It could take up to a month before it all comes out, unless your re-dye your hair bud.
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Constantly dying your hair can do some good amount of damage. I would just go to a hair salon and ask for advice and tips on how to solve your issue.
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You'll either need to dye it your natural hair color, or you will need to wait till it grows back out.
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