IntroductionHey people revising is back (aka LWY)Posted:

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Hello people so Ive came back from like a 4 month break and I thought Ill just let you guys know Im back and will be purchasing a new rgh as soon as possible and will be hosting for the community again, some of you know me by the name LWY so yeah see you all around guys.

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Well welcome back hope tom see you around f an that's cool your gonna help out an host lobbies for people ..

Come holla at the weebs in the shoutbox
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Welcome back man
Hope to see you around more.
GL with your hosting
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Welcome back!
Remember to refresh on the rules and stay active
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welcome back
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Welcome back dude
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Welcome back man!

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Welcome back mate and good luck with the hosting
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Welcome back man! I hope to see you around!
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Welcome back mate!
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