GeneralWho's your favorite user on TTG?!!!Posted:

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My favorite person is Loke we both share the same love for aquatic animals !! But any ways who is your favorite TTG member

Mine is >>>> Loke

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my fasvorite person is myself
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Zilla, I miss zilla
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Zesri or Saki.
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Saki is the cutest so saki is my favorite
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The whole community
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i dont have favorites i just have a group of members i talk to on a daily basis mostly.
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Kyle wrotei dont have favorites i just have a group of members i talk to on a daily basis mostly.

Same here, but the usual SB dudes are the best to talk to.
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Zesri and Jay are ones I talk to the most, but enjoy talking to all.
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definitely TxNyTheG or reefypuffs lmao idk y
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