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As I'm on mobile this is just going to be a very quick milestone

But today I've achieved something that's never been done on TTG. 800 gifts of gold! Thanks to the staff for making TTG what it is today. My buddies, they know who they are. You are what makes TTG. <3

Sorry for being so inactive lately guys. Hopefully this milestone makes up for it.


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Holy sheesh congrats. And thank you as you have also gifted me before
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Congrats on spending so much money on the site. You're such a huge supporter of TheTechGame, and we're glad you continue to spread the luxury for everyone!
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Congratulations man!

That's quite a lot of money to spend.
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It amazes me you keep going man.
Thats a bang load of money!

Thanks for always showing me love and getting me to 100 gifts gifted.

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Congratulations man, that's a big achievement. Thank you for the kind support to the community.
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Insane bud... Grats nonetheless...

TY for the gifts a while back too (again)

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Wow what a way to give back to this community man, congratulations on gifting that many people gold
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Damn, didn't realize you had so many, I knew you and Rodent was close o.o but I swear that was like 600 or 700.. what happened lmao
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Congratulations Jay

See ya at 900 real soon buddy

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