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So all through the day and most of the night im fine very happy and such but then it gets to around 1-2am I'm just watching some videos on YT and im on my phone doing my thing then I just start thinking about this girl I used to and still do really like but ofc she is waaaay too good for me so how would I just stop thinking about her? Because I feel like if you try to stop it will make it worse.

Thanks <3
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Look at some 2-D girls instead.
It'll take your mind off her.
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Very natural, just start talking to other girls (even if you don't have desire to) you WILL get over her instantly trust me
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Lye wroteVery natural, just start talking to other girls (even if you don't have desire to) you WILL get over her instantly trust me

It's not easy for some, same happened to me a few years back after a rocky relationship, try not to dwell on it because it can seriously damage your well-being...

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Pick up hobbies, focus more on them, it's natural to think about people, especially of the opposite gender that you used to, or still do like.

It'll go away with time believe it or not, in the mean time I suggest meeting new people. Don't get hung up on her, you'll miss the opportunity of meeting so many more people if you do.
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Just talk to the girl your thinking about all the time an tell her how you feel , Who knows she might give you a shot don't ever belittle your self an think some ones to good for you
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Talk to her and let her know what's going on, if she doesn't wanna pursue things then sadly you need to give up. It's unhealthy to have an obsession and you don't wanna turn into a stalker!
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Yes, it's called alcohol.
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I get the occasional thought of my long time ex, just gotta view the memory in a different perspective and you won't mind the thoughts.
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