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Hello! You have been invited our House party, but we need your help! We have the house, but we don't have the party!

We ask this of you:

1) Please add one song to our setlist that would make this party an absolute banger.

2) Invite TWO members.

3) What are you going to bring to this party to make it the best one of the year?

My song, invites and what I'm bringing:

I invite Nik and Ryuk!

I will bring some dish soap and a slip and slide!

My song choice:

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2. Famous because I love him

3. this tune
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2. Vial & Zesri

3.idk chips and dip something like that
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Yo thanks for inviting me, let's get this party booming!

My song, invites and what I'm bringing:

I invite Zesri and Vial!

I will bring some fireworks and some sparklers.

My song choice:

[SKIP TO 1:00]

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Im inviting Nodus and Fibril

Im bringing Pizza
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I'll grab System to keep things clean. I will also bring Zach cause he's good looking and I can take him to the after party ;).

I'll bring glow sticks and chicken nuggets.
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Are the demoted allowed to be present
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I'd bring

And I'd bring some anime pillows so everyone would have someone to dance with
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Love trance so this would be played.
+ The song just reminds me of Kevin & Perry... such a classic film

Who i would invite & what i would bring.

I'm not familiar with alot of people on here but...

i would bring
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& Vial.. but he's already here so that's all good


I would bring some Laserworlds (for the tiesto vibe)
i will also guarantee that the house will not be standing by the morning

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