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Hi, I've taken the hard drive out of a laptop and connected it to my laptop with a sata to usb cable.

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The problem is it has come up as 3 separate drives on my laptop and I thought it would come up as one. These are the drives 'Local Disk (F: ), HP-RECOVERY (G: ) and Datastore (H: )' Can I still erase and format the hard drive and how would I go about it please?

It's been a few years since I've messed around with a computer so I just need someone to help jog my memory lol
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Note: This will erase all data on the drive. Before erasing, make sure you back up the data you need.

Open CMD as administrator.

Then type "diskpart", then "list disk". Type "disk 1" or whichever one corresponds to your drive. You can see the capacity of the drive to find out which drive it is.

After, type "clean" and let it do it's thing.

Once it's done, go to Disk Management in Windows to format the drive. Click "OK", then right click the newly erased drive, and click "New Simple Volume". Keep pressing next until you have done.
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