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So I'm new to the modding community via console mods instead of the easy USB mods. So today I've finally decided to set it up.

Too start off the project I bought a new 250GB hard drive because I wanted to get the full experience of setting up an RGH where as I could've have just bought it already setup ready to go. Enough of the back story, I was wondering if anybody could help me out with a step by step tutorial on the internet or a video. I want the video to start from a new hard drive so allowing me to actually learn what I need to install and what's good and what's not

DM me if you fell lost by this this and I guess I can simplify what I'm looking for but if not it would be great if you could just link me a Step by Step guide from unpacking to getting online

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best tutorials out there
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here is TTG help page also with some downloads etc
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