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My son was born today unexpectedly at 5:43pm @ 36 weeks.

He weighed 8lbs 1oz and 20.5 inches.

God blessed me and my wife with another healthy baby. This is baby #3.

I will be away for a little bit on the graphic side but hope to still be able to do it in the future.

Thanks to you guys, my second family!

His name is Corbyn

And remember:

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more to come? and congrats
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JocelynFlores wrotemore to come? and congrats

This is the last, wife has tied the knot lol
Thanks man
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Congratulations on your new baby boy bandit.

I'm sure your two daughters are excited to have a brother.

Good to hear everything went well, keep being a great dad and family man. Now time to put in longer work hours.

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Looking well in the hair net haha, congrats on another child!

Hope to see you back in the graphics game soon

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Nice man, congrats on the newborn.

I always wanted to start a family when im older.
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Congrats man!
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Congratulations! Another TTG Kid!
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Congratulations on the new family member mate, glad things went well and didn't have any issues
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