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So Sean created a topic in the PC Forum asking for the best builds people could do that would cost less than or equal to an iPhone X.

iPhone X vs PC Build.

Which got me thinking, what else could you get for the price of an iPhone X?
Here are some I found:

213kg Of Gummy Bears:

20 x Amazon Echo Dots:

555 x Fidgit Spinners;

Some Weird Ass Frittata:

And Most Importantly....

167 x Gifts of Gold.

If you have any, post em below,


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Xbox (09-16-2017)
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100x prnhub premium
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I can't buy a real nice Assault Rifle for what there asking for that stupid phone
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You could buy a car. (second hand)
Asking price for the Iphone X is way too much, whats with everyone naming stuff X now too ?
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Echo wroteYou could buy a car. (second hand)
Asking price for the Iphone X is way too much, whats with everyone naming stuff X now too ?

10 year anniversary from the first iPhone... X = 10.
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A vacation? lol
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Nah b . Im buying the X lmaoo
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