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My fav would have to be Mw2!!!

I Would love to know what yalls favs are ?
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ask me 4 years ago and id swear up and down it was mw2, but now i really enjoy bo3, don't get me wrong i enjoy the run and gunning and not just boosting everywhere, but its always nice to just jump around and kill some people.

I'm pretty glad that they're going back to their roots with WW2 but i still like bo3.
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Modern Warfare 2 will always be my favorite
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Modern Warfare 2 by far. i really wish this game would be backwards compatible.
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MW2 #1 THEN MW3!
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My favorite would definitely have to be Modern Warfare 2, I had so much fun on that game especially with trickshotting!
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Can never go wrong with cod 4!
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Mw2 will always be my favorite.

Okay so do you know what first impressions of a good game feel like?

I can just imagine going back in time and re-experiencing all the fun i had on mw2 back then. Its honestly sadly that we all just cant go back
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Modern Warfare 2
World at War
Call of Duty 4
Black-Ops 1
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Either Modern Warfare 2 (sniping, trickshotting) or black ops 2 for the same reasons but also the competitive side of black ops 2, love it.
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