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I'm at work right now and I'm a full time Cook at KFC

Might not be the best Job but is
It's money
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i work at amazon fullfillment center
great money
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Cook at a local family run restaurant.
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I dont have one lol
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I currently work at a UPS
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I work as an Electrician, about to start my 2nd year in my apprenticeship
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Ambulance Dispatcher for the largest private ambulance company in the Midwest.
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I work at a Hy-vee Fullfillment center.
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I used to work at KFC also. Currently I work at telstras head office, dealing with angry customers all day haha.
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I wish I had a job, any job would do but no one's hiring plus I'm at university so student loans are the only thing keeping me afloat
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