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This is a toolkit that I am currently using for my own project and thought I would share it. It makes VR development so much easier as [ Register or Signin to view external links. ] has essentially has done everything for you. They have a great community on slack who are easily willing to help anymore.

VRTK is a collection of useful scripts and concepts to aid building VR solutions rapidly and easily in Unity3d 5+.

It covers a number of common solutions such as:

Locomotion within virtual space.
Interactions like touching, grabbing and using objects
Interacting with Unity3d UI elements through pointers or touch.
Body physics within virtual space.
2D and 3D controls like buttons, levers, doors, drawers, etc.
And much more...

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Wow, Thank you for posting this.

I'm learning Unity currently and this will come in handy for VR games.
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