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After teasing the song various times on his instagram and snapchat, Post Malone has finally released this single. Below is the official audio, the video in which he teased this song, and another song he will be releasing with Ty Dolla $ign.

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I remember seeing that 2nd Vid in about May and thinking omg that is fire.
Gunna give rockstar a listen now and edit this.
EDIT: Rockstar already taken down nooo I will have to find another vid
2ND Edit: Did not realize its on Apple Music ahaha, This is song of the year idc
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Just listened to it. Probably one of my favorite releases this year, if not the past 5. Definitely jamming to this one in the car on my to work on Monday.
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Post Malone is one of them artists for me that I love anything they put out. I really like this song, has a chill beat and will definitely top the charts for a while.
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That was my first time hearing rockstar and I must say I enjoyed that song.

Thanks for the share Ethan.

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Thanks for the share I love post Malone
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Ive probabaly listened to this about 30 times already such a fire song.
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Saw rockstar live at the concert he did on Saturday.

But he isnt releasing anymore songs until he drops BB&B
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