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Hello fellow Guardians.

We are a small group of players coming over from WoW for a change of scenery; we decided to trade our swords and boards for fusion rifles and hand cannons.

It was an easy decision to make.

With the release date of Destiny 2 being sometime in late October for PC there is plenty of time to find the right group of people to share your adventures with; we are looking for new members who have similar interests and playtimes. Our members range from young to old; we have 20-somethings and senior citizens in their 40s. All of us share a passion: gaming. And we are good at it.

Some are active throughout the day, but most of us come online at 6~ PM EST and nod off on our keyboards at 1~ AM EST.

Voice Comms: Discord.

Currently recruitment is open to all who feel like they would be a good fit; we enjoy both PVE and PVP in small doses. We are an adult clan with chill atmosphere, but when the going gets tough expect serious attitudes in both PVE and PVP. Once the game goes live our doors will close in favor of more selective recruitment practices.

Planned clan activities: PVE, PVP.

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Carry on.
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Still looking for Guardians to join our ranks.

For link to Discord find it in Private forums through Companion App, Clan Chat, or through our recruitment thread on Bungie's Official Clan Forums.
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