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Console is a Corona RGH. The RGH installation was done by Rodent_Modz which is one of the best console sellers out there, so you know there will not be any hardware issues.

Asking price - $150 OBO

What is included:
120 GB HDD. I know picture shows 320, but that was just a case provided by Rodent since I didn't have a case before sending it into him.
Power Brick
HDMI Cable
Basic Programs (XEXMenu, Dashlaunch, FSD, etc)
Absolutely no games/menus will be included due to piracy which is against site rules.

Console usually takes 10-30 seconds to boot up, but from what I've been told, that is normal for Coronas.


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Rodent_Modz (09-15-2017)
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Proof I gave him when completed

Good luck with sales!!
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