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Does anybody knew if this is good or not

Zoom in on the writing to see what it has
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Well it says nothing about the actual PC all it says is that it has blue RGB's and a 1tb hdd and it has a AMD processor.

So its probably trash
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I would avoid this.

AMD Quad Core A8 7650K CPU 3.3GHz (Turbos up to 3.8GHZ)

8GB 1600MHz DDR3

AMD Radeon R7 (onboard)

Power Supply
Thermaltake 350W ATX PSU

So let's touch base with some things.

The AMD Kaveri APU is so revolutionary, it challenges the very definition of a processor.

Alright you see this? Pretend you never even had seen it. Nothing revolutionary about it now. You want revolutionary with price =/= performance ratio, slap in a Ryzen 1200 or even a Pentium G4560.

GPU is integrated graphics, meaning you won't be playing anything recent.

PSU is a little iffy. It says Thermaltake 350W ATX PSU but I question if it's the TR2 model. Those have had some pretty mixed reviews about their quality. If that is the PSU model, then I would stay away because I would rather have a reliable and quality PSU, instead of a coin-toss PSU; however, I am not surprised a shit/coin-toss PSU is in a pre-built PC, it's kind of a 'trend' lol.

Motherboard, not listed as all, go figures, it too, is part of the 'trend' for pre-built PCs.

Storage is just a 1TB HDD, doesn't even the mention the brand and/or model.

RAM, doesn't mention the brand and/or model or the timings of the RAM. 8GB is good for a pre-built, however, the RAM speed is a little on the lower side, plus it is DDR3.

All in all, for £499, you can get yourself a budget PC that would otherwise be able to play games better than this PC can. If you were thinking about the bundle of £798.99 with the monitor, keyboard and mouse and headset, you could easily get a monitor for less than £100, keyboard and mouse you could settle for easily under £30, headset, around £50 or so and have that extra money go towards a better rig.
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Won't be buying this then thanks xD
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Nathan wroteWon't be buying this then thanks xD

I wouldn't recommend buying pre-built computers, you're much better buying the seperate parts and building it yourself or getting someone who knows how to built computers to build it for you. You will save a lot of money this way and get better value for your money.
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