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Congrats to Mark as well on his three years

TodayYesterday officially marks my 3 years as staff Time flies, it seems like just yesterday Mark was yelling at me on skype to logon and I thought I had been banned

Thanks to all the staff members and friends, as well as the people I talk to in the shoutbox.

Edit: Throwback to my original topic, apparently I missed the milestone by a day

tfw 3 years pass and Suhpose is still not demoted
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Big congratulations to you sir

Because of you I get to sleep well at night

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Grats on the 3 years mate hope for many more to come.
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Congrats man ! Big accomplishment
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Congrats on 3 years as staff man
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I still remember the day when lil old Skeeezor got a promotion...

You are one of best staffs in all of staff lands..

maDz is still my 6th fav staff
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Congrats on 3 years at being staff, keep up the good work! #Scizor4Admin
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Congrats three years being staff.
I can see you getting the retired staff like Saki.
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Congrats scizor, three years is a looooong ass time
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