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She signed with Virgin EMI for Worldwide & Capitol Records for the USA
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Good for her...
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Literally who? How is this news?
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Yea this girl lives not far from me she's been flooding Facebook for some time used to come up all the time when friends would like her videos on Facebook.

Good for her the only thing that I think sucks about her is she has been pretty dishonest from my point of view at one point she would release full covers on Facebook and then one day came out with some babble about how she has to move it to YouTube for legal reasons....

She means so she can make money from the videos.... I have no issue with people earning a living and if it's someone with talent that's sweet but I know how fair use works just felt a little dishonest when she could've just said simply I'm moving the videos to YouTube end of not a sob story about how she must do it.
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Average singer imo. She pops up my Facebook from time to time and think she's mainly popular because of her looks.
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That's good but I agree with Sean
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