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What your guys favorite mobile game?
I would have to say my favorite one would have to be Clash of Clans since I don't really play mobile games
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I really like Dial-911Simulator
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It use to be clash of clans
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Right now it would have to be Super mario run
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Tight wroteIt use to be clash of clans

I really was addicted, just got too repetitive.
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My boss and I enjoy playing evil apples at work when we're slow. It's like cards against humanity but for the phone and it works on both android and apple.
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I've really gotten into Clash Royal, although I was never a fan of Clash of Clans.
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I don't play many if not any games on my phone so will have to go to the simple casino game I play.
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I often play mobile games like Candy Crush and Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes since I found it on freepps . It's a good time to relax for instance at work during the lunch or while waiting for someone. Anyway a good way to cut down time.
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Bloons Tower Defence 5 is loads of fun.
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