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I've decided to start a Diet and keep myself fit.

I'm very new to this and it's a whole new experience for me. I was wondering if anyone can point me in the right direction on what I should eat, drink etc.

basically just need a plan I can stick to doing to guide me.
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Dieting is great but never seemed to work for me alot of staying fit is working out and excersise dring water and don't over eat I quit eating for about 2 and half days shrunk my stomach and makes it easier to get dull without eating alot
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I don't usually use a diet, I just go to the gym. But I found a few helpful topics in the sports forum you might wanna check for example this is a good one
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I started mine back up today.

For next two months the following is the only thing I'll eat.

Grilled chicken
Protein shake

It's a very small list but it's all healthy
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Almost impossible to make an effective diet plan without knowing your weight, previous diets, exercise amount etc.

Just build a healthy diet with carbs, protein, sugar and healthy fats and you'll be good.

Are you trying to gain weight or lose weight?
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I weighed 96KG 2 months ago, I went on the "Military diet" for 2 weeks, just cycling it and restarting it every 3 days (because the diet is only 3 days) and I also cut out any soft drinks, all I've drank is water for the last 2 months, and I go to the gym maybe 3 times a week. I now weigh 85kg
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Best thing I can suggest is Carb Cycling. I have not met a single person who has said it isn't effective.
Now as you said keep yourself fit, i'm not sure if you're trying to maintain weight but work on your physique or if you want to lose weight.

Carb Cycles are insanely beneficial for what loss.

Do not give up the foods you love on a diet, just moderate them. Once you start restricting yourself to great extents you will start to hate doing it. Moderation is key.
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I've decided many tims but can't insist. That's the problem LOL
But I still doing some exercise when free, using an app called "Keep". It will teach you how to diet healthily.
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It's really not that hard, tbh. Just cut out the junk food. No fast food, sodas, and processed foods. Don't overthink it.
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