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So I just got my first car about a week ago and I am loving it. The car is a 2013 Camaro RS that had got hit in the side and had a door replaced and a headlight. The car only has 33k miles on it and is the RS model so it has all the fancy stuff. The car is really fast for a v6 pushing 323 horses and 278 pound feet of torque. The car is yellow just like the car off of transformers. Its by no mean in perfect shape but for only paying 9k and trading an old hyundai elantra I think I got a good deal. Here is a few pics of it! If anybody knows any reasonably cheap mods I can do to it let me know.


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Congrats! Definitely sounds like a deal!
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Got that bumblebee edition, that bitch is clean man.

What a sick ride.

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Dang bro that beast is looking sexy
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Looks good, I test drove the Camaro before deciding on the Malibu and ended up hating it because it's not made for people that aren't skinny and short. If you're over 5'9 you have to basically curl up into a ball to duck into the car and then even on the seats lowest setting your head is up against the roof and the visibility is piss poor but enjoy it
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Congrats man!
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Thanks guys! I've had it now for about a week and I am loving it. Definitely worth what I gave for it
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