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Destiny 2's first Raid has finally gone live. Titled Leviathan, this latest dungeon series is packed with an assortment of challenging puzzles and boss fights to overcome. To help you get past all of its hurdles, we've gathered useful tips to follow as well as what you need to do to access the Leviathan Raid. We're currently diving straight into the Raid right now, so be sure to check back often as we update this feature with more details on how to beat each individual section.

We're still digging deep into Destiny 2, but there are some basic things you should know (and habits from Destiny 1 you might need to break). Those include not waiting to decrypt Engrams and saving some of your Upgrade Points. You can check out more in our Destiny 2 beginner's guide.

For more guides for the game, including breakdowns of the three classes, along with our skill and ability galleries for the various subclasses, be sure to visit our Destiny 2 guides and walkthroughs roundup for more information on what's happening in the online world of the Guardians.

How to Access the Raid

In order to access the Raid, simply select the Leviathan icon in the top right corner of the Director, which you can see in the image below. You'll also want to initiate a questline called On the Comms, which is unlocked at random after having spent time killing Cabal. Once you complete its major steps, you unlock a new step called Destroyer of Worlds that requires you to complete the Leviathan Raid. Doing so will net you a sweet prize after completing the Raid.

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Major Raid Prerequisites

Aside from completing the On the Comms questline, make sure your Power Level is at least 270 before taking on the Leviathan Raid. Going in with anything lower is manageable, but be aware that entering the Raid with a lower Power Level could make you a detriment to your Fireteam. It's also recommended to enter the Raid with a full fireteam of six players.

Suggested Gear

Skyburners Oath - The Skyburner's Oath fires solar slugs that do extra damage to Cabal and penetrates Phalanx shields. This is a handy weapon to use that'll assist your efforts to take down the loads of Cabal you'll encounter in the Leviathan Raid.

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Rat King - The Rat King may seem like an odd choice to bring into the Raid, but it can be a worthwhile asset given it becomes more powerful as more members of your Fireteam have it.
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Leviathan Raid Guide

Room 1: Embankment

After starting the Raid, proceed forward until you'll encounter enemies. These foes won't harm you unless you shoot them; attack them or run past them. Proceed up the slope and head through the door.

Room 2: The Leviathan Castellum

Upon reaching the Castellum, you'll begin a trial that has you claiming and defending three banners. To accomplish this, your group should separate into two teams: one to defend the a central point where the banners are to be taken, and another to retrieve them from their respective bearers. Keep in mind that if the Cabal manage to get too close to the central point, then the trial will restart.

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Once all three banners have been returned, a door will open up the path ahead where you'll find the first of the Leviathan Raid loot chests, containing a Legendary engram, the Calus' Selected shader, and the Emperor Calus Tokena Token.

Room 3: Royal Pools

In the next section, youll encounter four pressure plates, with a fifth located at the center. Each of these plates has an orb on it that imbues you with a one-minute buff that protects you from environmental damage. Make sure you and your teammates activate this buff before starting the trial, as standing in the water in this area without it will quickly drain your health. Once youre ready, have four of your teammates stand on each pressure plate.

The premise of the trial is as follows: four people must maintain position on their respective pressure plates to slowly raise a weight up a chain that will expose nine lanterns that you need to destroy. But as youd expect, powerful enemies spawn, making the process significantly more difficult. As the assault wages on, make sure you and your teammates keep re-activating the buff. Once all the lanterns are destroyed, the trial will end.

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Great guide, now for me to complete the stuff I didn't do to play it will read over this again though
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Off topic but for someone who played Destiny 1 for like half an hour years into its cycle, is Destiny 2 worth picking up and is it relatively easy to get into?

Thanks for the info guys!
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