GeneralWhen you were a kid what super hero did you want to be/meetPosted:

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When I was little I personally wanted to be spiderman because you can shoot webs and fly climb anything like I mean that's pretty sick.

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Mr Muscle

Coz he cleaned sinks like a boss.
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Ozzy Osbourne.
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Superman, always been a huge fan of Superman, more as the character of Clark Kent but yano
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T0P wroteSuperman, always been a huge fan of Superman, more as the character of Clark Kent but yano

i agree 100% always wanted to meet superman
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My favorite since I was 3 <3
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I loved spiderman for some reason when I was a kid.
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HULK all day everyday
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I was into Spider-Man of flash, depended on the day
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Spiderman (Gliderman)
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