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Just went to make a sale post and realized that I just recently hit "6 Year Member".
I've seen this site go through so many different stages, it's actually astounding that we just recently surpassed 2.1 million members. The community just keeps growing, I remember back before even hitting a million. I even remember the Tech Pit days before I registered an account. Seems like yesterday, but boy does time fly.

I'm glad I continue to lurk around here, because TheTechGame is still my source for everything technology related. I've had my fair share of warnings over the years because I'm an edgy motherf*cker, but I've made some great friends here and have learned a lot of things because of this site.

I'll also throw in that I've been a recurring Gold Member for 58 months in a row, so that's pretty cool too.
I know I don't have the highest post count for someone who has been here for 6 years, but I don't like to spam. I often just look around and end up chiming in on random posts. You've probably seen me here or there at one point.

But yeah, no need to ramble on about things. Just really cool being a part of the 6 year member club.

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Welcome to the 6 year club! And yeah, TTG's gone through a lot of changes over the past few years. Stick around, if you need anything let me know!
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Congrats. stick around for 7
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Ttg has see so much changes it's nice to still be apart of it.
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grats on 6 years!!!
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6 years is pretty intense man! Congrats my dude.
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Thanks for being a great member for 6 years bro.
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Congratulations on 6 years m8 !
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Congratulations on 6 years an still being active
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