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Am I the only one who thinks the top of the iPhone X looks really odd? the more I look at it the more the little black bar just looks so out of place.

The price starting at $999 for 64GB storage seems a joke too

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Travis (09-17-2017)
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They would have been better off making it cover the full top and built the camera over it somehow. It does look odd, and for the price it is definitely not worth it.

I will most likely be waiting for it to release and get me an iPhone 7+ at a lower price.
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I prefer the iPhone 7s to that design, the black bar bothers me.
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That is one hell of an LCD. Looks like they copied Samsung with the wireless charging, which isn't a horrible idea. The specs of the cameras fall way behind other phones competing with Apple and they pretty much match the 7+. I also don't like their pay using Face ID because personally, it just sketches me out. Oh and they have a choice of 64gb and 256gb, LoL what a joke. Apple has still yet to impress me enough to go out and upgrade from my iPhone 5c.
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Reminds me of the old RAZR and RAZR M or original droid.

This phone is stupidly priced, and mainly to cover their ass on the new "Spaceship HQ" imho.
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I could see this being a hassle for developers and apps that use landscape mode. It looks hideous in my opinion and I am probably gonna go for the iPhone 8 instead of the X this year.
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The icons in the right corner look cluttered imo.
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Id get the iPhone 8 than this overpriced piece of glass
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If that's going to be in the way all the time its going to be infuriating.

It looks too out of place, the display needs to be below that bar.

I understand the appeal of edge to edge screens but putting something in the way like that is just a bit dumb in my opinion, cant imagine how horrible the videos etc would be on it if that's in the way also. I think best bet would be to wait until the other info comes out and live video testing of it.
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It looks like my S8 with a crap screen protector on lol.

Really not a fan Apple. Really not a fan.
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