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So I wanna write this post to explain some things. Recently school started. This is where it all started.. The first day back wasn't such a problem but over the week things got out of hand. There's a huge issue with people in my school bullying others. Everyone has to label people and its f**ked. So if y'all didnt know I am a sophmore in highschool. So the new freshman who came to the highschool are really bad. They start so many rumors and all they do is make fun of people. So I am on the second week of school and so much crap happened. The freshman actually ruined my life and its a fact. They made so many rumors about me (one girl in specific did when I dated her and she cheated on me) and it has gotten to the point where everytime I see a freshman who said something mean to me or my friends I wanna kill them. One day at lunch I was chilling with my friends just talking and enjoying my lunch and this fresh!an comew over tome trying to talk crap with their friends all recording it and I told them to **** off and the freshman in my school like literally all of them wanna fight someone so the kid got so mad when I told him to **** off that he kept telling me to fight him and he did this throughout the day he even came into the bathroom when I was in I trying to fight. Its like you can't even stand up for yourself
Because they just want to fight. Also our school has a bunch of Snapchat stories and all you see all over them is my name. Every freshman is posting all of these death threats and rude things about me and I brought it up to the school but they just blew it off. Like right now in life I don't even know what to do

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