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Do you guys ever feel lost like you dont know what you want to do? I constantly run scenarios through my mind and lose myself in my own thoughts. Yes it sounds crazy i know. Just wondering if anyone else feels the same way? Also sometimes when i lay down or just sit and stare off i start to "fight myself and or talk to myself" like im a friend of myself.

Let me know your experiences or similar below.
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What do you think about? Your future life of past?
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Roop wroteWhat do you think about? Your future life of past?
A mix of it all tbh. Its SUPER hard to explain.
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You might have schizophrenia bro
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I can kinda relate I have really bad depression
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Yeah most of the time.
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Happens to me sometimes
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Yeah i know what you mean, sometimes i just try and think of the things in life that makes me happy.

for about 5-6 years i've been constantly thinking about how everyone's gonna die eventually and whether or not my current life is worth it, I have to think of things that are worth it in my life and use those things to try and be happy, it's got a lot worse for me over the last few days as my girlfriend left me and just decided to block all contact with me, she was one of the things i held tightly onto and now every night since then i've had depressing thoughts and not had the thought of her being in my life to cheer me up, so yeah i guess thats my experience with it.
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I can relate I've had depression for years
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