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My corona rgh has been having problems the past 2 weeks, it hasnt been able to boot,
i look into the console and see the green light flashing every 4 seconds or so but it just keeps on doing it. cool air is coming out of the top of the vents of the console, and when i go to tun the console off its like it freezes and i have to push the button a few times before it will turn off, everything is plugged in fine, ethernet etc but still not booting, and it doesnt boot even when i try boot by ejecting the disk tray, i havnt done any updates on it, as i have not been on it in a few weeks, so not sure what could be wrong with it, help is much appreciated!
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Are you able to boot into Xell? Make sure console is powered off then press the eject button.
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First of all remove the hard drive and see if it will boot ? Have you flashed anything to the console? Kv? Added server? Change server?
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