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looking for anything fun other than pubg, csgo, gmod, or h1z1
any suggestions?
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I've been getting into management like games recently and I've found them really fun and addictive cause they gradually show progression. Prison Architect and Cities: Skylines are really good and I suggest you check them out, they are cheap on humblebundle at the moment as well. Rimworld looks really fun as well but is a bit pricey.
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The witcher 3,Rocket League.Destiny 2 is coming out on PC next month will probably pick it up myself.
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Ark, Any bethesda game, rocket league, just look at the most popular on the store, usually there for a reason.
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Cod 4
Cod WaW
Any Sniper Ghost Warrior game (If you like decent SP)
Project Cars
Dead by Daylight
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Arma 3
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Rainbow Six Siege, Rocket League, Comedy Night (funny), Mortal Kombat, Metro 2033, Skyrim, Star Wars Battlefront, Squad, Payday 2, Arma 3.
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Wolfenstein New Order, All Dishonoured's, DayZ is a good meme like
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