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for my pc i just bought a second monitor for dual monitors my pc however only has one hdmi port so i need to have a hdmi to dvi but i am not sure if i need male or female dvi and how to tell which is which
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alls i have to say is dont buy the cheapest one off ebay like i did. bad idea man it was from china too. shoulda known better
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So uhhh, time to get a little out there with explanation lol. The male connector has a pin/pins to plug into something, while the female connector has a port to receive the connection.

So for the first link, this is how it works. The DVI side connects to your GPU/motherboard video output. This is the male connector. The HDMI output is the female connector as the HDMI cable connects to it, then connects to your monitor.

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You can get a cable that supports both outputs. Plugs into your DVI and HDMI in one cable.

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Make sure the DVI pins are the exact same as your GPU/motherboard video output. There are multiple.

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Edit: Also, if your DVI connector is different, please reply what they are or link what adapter you found. Don't buy the first link connector, that was just an example of one that was nice and clear for a male to female connector of DVI and HDMI. There are better ones out there, I bought 3 of those in the past and pins were way too flimsy compared to others.
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It says in the description when you go to buy it
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