GeneralIf you could change one thing about your past ?Posted:

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I would go back an make everything right with my dad cause he was good to me but I forced him out of my life cause of his relation ship with my mom

Long story short you only have 1 mom and dad always treat them good cause you never know when's the last time your speak to them

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I wouldn't change anything about my past personally.
If I changed anything I wouldn't be who I am today or where I am, and I'm comfortable and grateful.

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Does being born count?
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I wouldn't change anything because I'm happy with myself and if I did a lot could've changed for me now
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A lot but I'm glad I'm still breathing
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Just some really stupid things i have done in the past on here, to people on here.

Along with things i have done irl.
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i wouldnt change anything from my past, ive had regrets but nothing too big
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Try to stay out of trouble better
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i wouldnt change my past. i dont want to live a life of regrets but i would say im very disappointed with my addiction and now that i understand my issues its too bad i didnt pick up on it earlier and stop sooner
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I sold several BTC for under $100 each in 2013.
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