MotorcycleMY street bike STOLEN this morning!Posted:

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So i recently moved to Dayton, Ohio.
Lets just say its not a great city
MY 2007 Kawasaki Ninja 250r got stolen this morning between the hours of 8:30am-10am

Keep in mind they had NO KEYS and the bike was in the "Wheel lock" position

So heres what i think happened,

somebody, with a truck, saw it and said why the hell not.
a few people probably loaded it into the truck and took off.


Some crackhead rolled by and saw it, hopped on put it in neutral and rolled away.

Either way there is a realty building on the end of the street that has cameras so we should have the footage soon.

I hope i never see the bike again because insurance will give me $2000+

Heres a picture of my model for reference
mine is all black with a custom dual exhaust.
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hope you get it back, so unlucky
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urBeats wrotehope you get it back, so unlucky

I hope i dont honestly but yeah still shitty it got swiped. They cant even ride it.
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There's always that one asshat who has to steal other people's prized possessions for their own keeping or to sell.

I hope you find it in one piece and it isn't torched or something, like most thieves do. Maybe the bank footage will help the authorities (or you) to find the ass.
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That's crazy I hope you get you bike back I hate a Theif
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My biggest fear when im out in public and leave my bike in a parking lot or something. luckily at home i have a garage and can rest easy knowing it wont be stolen in there. good luck getting it back tho
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Damn man! this sucks
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