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Please recommend me the best cheap shooting games, like CSGO, COD, Black Squad etc...
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I'm assuming you've already got cs go since you mentioned it but if not then definitely get it, it's the best competitive shooter on steam in my opinion.

Insurgency is a good shooter game, fairly cheap especially when on sale.

Rainbow Six Siege is a good competitive shooter, has a good and big fan base still as well.
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What do you consider cheap?

pubg is 10x better than CS and can be had for $30

Seige is another great shooter, I think I got mine from g2a for $25

Arma 3 is pretty good as well, bought that on a steam sale, not sure how much it was.
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Definitely buy PUBG if you get the chance to.
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Gotham city imposters is free and so much fun
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