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Hey there, I just wanted some feedback on a quick edit i did. I'm trying to get better at editing so i was hoping some of you could give some criticism. Thank you

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Ehh it's decent keep working on it
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I personally don't like it, mainly because I'm not into that kind of music and I just didn't enjoy it. Although it's better than anything I could do so just keep working on it and you will be grand.
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Should've synced the music better and faded it out at the end instead of just abruptly ending it. Also should've ended it with cinematics
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It's decent like they said it wouldve been better if the music was synced with the clip
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It's not bad man better than what I could ever do.

Keep working at it and you can only get better.
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It looks decent man! Practice is key!
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Like the other's said it would be much better if it synced with the song, but I really liked the intro to it.
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