WAWAny play WAW and what's the lobbies like?Posted:

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Used to play it so much just got Xbox back and considering buying it....just wondering what the lobbies are like with search used to be top 100 and want to bring the old days back handa
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It was a fun game, but now it's filled with modded lobbies and pretty hard to find a non modded one
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Zombies modded lobby's are very common but these days I rarely see modders on the multiplayer aspect of the game
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I have only found one game and there weren't enough people to start...
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I can't even find a lobby :/ not sure if it's my NAT because it's on OPEN but for some reason when people invite me I can't join, legit waited around 10 minutes and no one has joined.
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Its a lot of modders but it's a decent game and you can find matches still
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their can be alot of modders in zombies because usb mods are so common but otherwise you will only run into a couple modders while playing the game. Finding lobbies can be hard at points during the day when everyone is at school or sleeping
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Only really find TDM games.
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is it back compatible now ?
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Vexys wroteis it back compatible now ?

Yeah man, has been since last year
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