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Hello folks,

I'll ask you to do something each week, post what I ask for, I'll pick four of you at random

I'll update this each week with a new task

Task one: Pick a username you'd like on TTG/Xbox/PSN if it wasn't already taken

First draw will be this Saturday 9PM GMT

Thanks is not required but very appreciated especially from those who are gifted

Gifting frenzy started Mon 11th September
Users gifted:

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If I could have any username I think I would Choose something like PlayStation or Xbox

Something simple that everyone freaks out about.
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NFL-Xbox Snow-TTG. thanks for the give away.
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I would like the name god on Xbox
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I would take the name "Google" Think it's clean
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I'd love the gamertag "Devil" - just to match my username.

Very generous of you! Thank you.
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Nightwing for Xbox, one of my favorite superheros.

Thanks for the giveaway
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i Would Love Bape Looks cool
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I'd like the name Gamertag on Xbox lol
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I would get the gamertag "Moon" for sure
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