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I personally like sparkling water but it has to be cold it goes good with alot of foods today.
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Idk really tastes weird
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I remember i had it quite a while ago,

it's not like regular water lol

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Literally had sparkling water before because my sister likes it but oh my god, it tastes like I am drinking metal, I cannot explain the taste. I really do not like it
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I use it to get over my habit of drinking Monster. I drink about 2L of the stuff daily.

It needs to be flavoured though, otherwise, my taste buds are not happy and I'll find my sweet taste somewhere else
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It's like carbonated water right? I didn't like it I thought it was nasty.
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I just drink straight water from the tap or bottle as for Sparkling water it has to be flavored for me to drink it.
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Sparkling water is disgusting
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I'm a huge fan of sparkling water!
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of all the time ive been alive i thought it was absolutely disgusting until about 2 weeks ago when i just got in the mood for it. Its really nice
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