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CONOR MCGREGOR might be rolling in cash after his mega-fight with Floyd Mayweather but he could be forced to pay out some of it to a security guard he allegedly nailed with a can at a press conference.

The incident occurred in a pre-fight press conference ahead of his UFC bout with Nate Diaz on August 17, 2016 at the Copperfield Theatre in Vegas.

The presser became infamous when Diaz stormed out and the two began to throw bottles of water at each other.

At one point McGregor appears to grab a can of Monster energy drink from the table and hurls it towards his opponent.

But according to a lawsuit obtained by The Blast, security guard William Pegg is suing Notorious after claiming he was struck by the can.

He claims that he was hit in the back of the head, near his left shoulder.

And he says that he incurred medical expenses of around £3,800 after requiring treatment for his injuries.

Pegg is now chasing damages and believes he is entitled to at least £72,000.

In the lawsuit he states that McGregor collected £11m from his fight with Diaz, which saw him significantly struck by his opponent 166 times.

Pegg divided the £11m fee by 166 and arrived at the £68,000 with the extra £4k coming from medical expenses.

McGregors lawyers have filed a response to deny any responsibility.

What's 72,000 to a multimillionaire?

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Hahaha the world has gone absolutely mental.

3800 quid for medical expenses from a monster can, no chance.
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He must of received some pretty serious injuries if his medical fee's where 4k.

While it seems Connor is at fault for throwing the object the damages is pretty damn high.

I would expect it to be settled out of court like alot of people do when lawsuits include high profile figures/ companies.

EDIT: Like Nav and Spartan said about the cost / chance of winning is low in respect to the case, most large figures settle to save the hassle of court and their name been dragged through the dirt in the media.


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Lmao I love his math to figure out what he's owed.
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Even if this Law Suit even works which it probably won't, 72k is nothing to Conor.
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Dang the world done went nuts but what's money to Conor mcgregger
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Well I guess you can make up a lawsuit with anyone these days. Lawsuit over throwing a Monter Energy can? WOW Well, £72,000 is like buy a bag of chips for Connor easy money.
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For anyone wanting a re-cap.
All in all it was Diaz that instigated the throwing. Someone hands him a bottle and he throws it first, then the rest of his group retaliate. I don't think the guys entitled to 70p never mind 70k
when he had most likely thrown something too.
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Jheez mental lmao!!!
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he needs to chill out
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